This is SNETTERTON! (300)

After an intense period of activity over winter Snetterton hosted it’s first race meeting after it’s facelift, the MSVR Season Starter. The new circuit boasts a number of layouts, the largest being the 2.99 mile 300 layout that features a technical infield section.

Trackday Trophy - Hamilton

Along with the new layout come a host of new corner names Montreal, Palmer, Agostini, Hamilton, Williams, Brundle, Nelson and Murray’s. The start leads into an unchanged Riches leading into the 180 degree Montreal, a short straight follows into the left hander Palmer and another straight. Agostini is another 180 degree corner, the short straight that follows leads into the quick left hander (Hamilton) that is very quickly followed by the double right at Oggies. A short blast and a right at Williams then takes cars onto the back straight now renamed the Bentley Straight what follows is unchanged until you arrive at the sight of the old Russell chicane. Russell has been replaced by Murray’s and is now two distinct corners. The changes present a challenge for both driver and photographer but the early signs are certainly good and once all of the work is complete Snetterton will be one of the best circuits in the country. The MSVR Season Starter featured the opening rounds of the MSV Trackday Trophy, Lotus on Track Elise Trophy, Lotus UK Cup, Project 8 Racing Saloons, MSV F3 Trophy, Production BMW Trophy and Mono Championships.

MSV F3 Trophy

A gallery of photos taken during Saturday 19th March are now online click on the following links for Elise Trophy, MSV Trackday Trophy, Racing Saloons, Lotus Cup and MSV F3 Trophy.

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