To buy a print click on a link below the image to add your purchase to the shopping cart. When you have completed
your purchases use the checkout button to send your purchases to Paypal for payment processing. Once you have completed the payment processing with Paypal we will receive an email containing your order details, orders will usually be processed the same day and sent out the following day. If we can’t process your order we will notify you via email.

Digital images for use as computer backgrounds/wallpaper are now available, please read the following note on purchases of digital images.

The prints from are printed professional quality printers using high quality ink that should last for many years. Prints are individually prepared using Adobe Photoshop CS, images will be cropped and the colour correct to provide the best possible print. Prints are available as 4″x6″, A4, A4 package (3 prints on a single A4 sheet) and A3 sizes. You also have the option of specifiying the print with or without a border and with or without the Phatphoto logo. Prints will be posted in bend resistant envelopes or in the case of A3 prints a tube. Prints bigger than 4″x6″ won’t fit through a normal sized letterbox so it will mean a trip to the post office if you aren’t home to receive your print.

 The photographs on are taken using the professional Digital SLR (Single Lens Relfex) cameras in combination with high quality lenses ensuring the highest quality images are captured. The preview images on the website are batch processed using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS, and PixelGenius Sharpening Kit on Apple Macintosh hardware running Mac OS X.

Digital Wallpaper Files

These files are sold for one reason and one reason alone; for you to put on your computer(s) as background wallpaper. They are not to be displayed publicly on a website (or any other medium) they are also not intended for printing. Even at the largest size they simply are not big enough to produce a decent quality print (there is also a lot of processing done to the images to produce superb quality prints). If you want a print do the honest thing and order one!


NOTE: Before placing your order ensure that the email address associated with your PayPal account is valid, if the email containing your images bounces your order will be cancelled and money refunded.

The technical stuff:

You will be emailed 3 files (small, medium and large). The files are sized to fit 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024 screen resolutions. The aspect ratio of the image will be maintained, this means that a portrait image (where the height is greater than width) will have a maximum height of the smallest screen dimension e.g. height of 1024 for the largest image. This does mean you will have blank space on either side of your image when placed on the desktop but makes sure everything is the correct size. All images will be supplied with the logo placed in a suitable position.

To summarise:

You may

  • Make a backup copies of the image files on
  • Have the files on multiple computers
  • Convert the image to another format e.g. BMP
  • Resize the image if necessary

You may not

  • Display the image on the internet, this includes
    posting to forums
  • Modify the image except where permitted above
  • Remove the logo

The legal bit: accepts no responsibility for any damage to your computing equipment from your use or misuse of the files supplied.

The copyright of any images still rests with the photographer and you have no additional rights to use the image except where noted above. The rights of the photographer are protected by UK and International law.